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Welcome to Berkshire Federation's Forms page.

This page is intended to help WI Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurers and members, to access the forms issued by Berkshire Federation, WI House, Mortimer, Berkshire.

Members of other federations should contact their own federation office as forms may well be different.

Please click on the form title you require and you will be taken via a link to that form, ready for printing.

Application Form for all BFWI events
Please complete and post or email to the organiser of any BFWI events.  Details of how to pay for events is shown on this form.

Berkshire Events Application Form 2024

Berkshire Events Application Form - Coach - 2024

Form to provide feedback about Speakers

The purpose of this form is to find out about speakers used by your WI.  If you have concerns about any of the speakers from the Berkshire Year Book, or would like to recommend a new speaker who is not currently in the Year Book yet, please fill in the form.

Report on Speakers
Patterns for the Royal Berkshire Hospital and West Berkshire Community Hospital
Knitted Knee Blankets
Fast  and Easy Teddy knitting pattern
Eye Masks for patients pattern
Knitted Nurse
Knitted Kola, Bunny, Piglet, Panda
Knitted Dementia Armbands
Knitted Dementia Dolls
Knitted Hearts
Knitted Monkey
Bereavement Bags Image
Comfort Bags Image