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Annette DolphinFederation Chairman

Welcome to the Berkshire Federation

Berkshire is a long narrow county just to the west of London, with the river Thames flowing through it.  It is a county of many contrasts with the historic town of Reading, the royal connections with Windsor and Ascot, and the market towns of Hungerford and Newbury.  Berkshire is also very lucky to have many pretty villages set in beautiful countryside.

Wherever you live in the county, there is a WI waiting for you to visit and hopefully join.  Each WI is different, and many offer a variety of activities as well as their monthly meeting.  Book clubs, craft sessions, and walks (usually with a pub lunch!) are very popular.  Joining a WI is a wonderful way to make new friends especially if you have just moved to a new area.

Berkshire Federation sub-committees run events for members over the whole county, for example, Music and Drama, Leisure, Science, International and Public Affairs, Arts and Crafts.  These are always informative and fun.  All these are advertised in Berkshire News, our monthly newsletter, which members can see at their WI meetings.  The Promotion sub-committee attend events across the county to publicise what we do, so if you see us at one of these events do come and say hello.

I do hope this brief overview into the WI in Berkshire will tempt you to visit one near your home, and then join, because the WI's key messages are:-

  • The WI is here to inspire you
  • The WI is everything you want it to be
  • The WI is what you make of it.

Please contact us for details of WIs in your area.

Annette Dolphin

Federation Chairman