Science Committee

Science Committee

This committee caters for those interested in Science and Technology. Berkshire WI Members work or retire from jobs in Technology. We have Aldermaston, Green Park in Reading, the University of Reading, many IT companies eg Oracle and Vodafone as well as the diamond light source and the Harwell Research Park just over the Oxfordshire border.

We aim to have 3 meetings a year to cater for these interests. Previously we have had talks about 3D printing, Plastics in the Oceans from a senior Oceanographer and Macular Degeneration from leading specialist and researcher.. We have visited the cows at the University of Reading research Farm and also Thames Water sewage works.

We are aiming to restart our programme later in 2021. In the meantime have a look at the Zooinverse web site. It is a citizen science site and you can help with a project which interests you.

Golden Jubilee 2021 Competition

The  Science Committee has recently launched the details of Berkshire Federation of WI's Golden Jubilee  2021 competition, please see the link below for and  design brief and entry form.

Design brief and entry form